On Image Retouching

Tardexcel is a professional digital art studio, makes photo retouching perform in glamor world. Our photos penetrate the most inner desire of viewers that never revealed before. Images of our arty touch, experience good exposure and appreciation in market, specially in magazine covers and marketing promos. We supplement Photographers with what they didn’t get within their viewfinder but expected so. We would like to introduce us as the best counter-part of photographers in the industry.
Little argument: When somebody accuses Photo Retouching for impurity, we argue. We think art has independence to go beyond reality. It must say something more rather merely express a photo as it is. Only creative touch of imagination has been contributing art and literature with great fairy tale, novel, story, poetry, film, painting and so on. Do they sound phony?
Who need our service? : Professionals in art & visual medium who need something more in their frame step into our studio for high-end services.
Photographer: Photographer often finds some defects in their snapshots.
Magazine: Magazines need photo optimized to their cover and page layout.
Celebrity/media Agent: Celebrity or media agent wants iconic and branding image for professional use. Almost all those images are retouched.
Signs: In signs and promos image retouching is essential to make photos stand out and well-matched to the design.
Advertisement: In advertisement, model and product images have been frequently retouched to put more balance and glamour in look. Here product and model make collage or montage with each other to create impact on client’s mind.
Online Shop: Online shop has everyday need image retouching for stuffing their online showroom. Here image of all products should be spotless and vivid in look. And they should be open to client with their best profile.

Impressive Color and Tone Correction Tutorial

Photos are precious possessions. For various reason photos may become dull, lack contrast, or have a color cast. You can fix the problem by adjusting the shadows, midtones, and highlights. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to adjust or High End Retouching and tonality of an image in very impressive but easy ways. 

Original Image                                                                                       

         Image with color and tone correction

Let’s get started……

1.Assess your original image
Get the Photoshop open and import your image needs to be corrected the color and tone.  Evaluate your image brightness, contrast, and color. This image is dark, has little contrast, and its overall color is shifted toward one color. We can fix this image easily using the Photoshop Levels dialog box. 

           2. Work in the Levels of New Adjustment Layers
Select the Layer option, go New Adjustment Layer and then hit Levels. A new dialog box will pop up named levels. Working in an adjustment layer rather than directly with the image leaves the original image untouched as if you can get rid of your changes and restore the original image at any time. 

This histogram dialog box show the image graphing the number of pixels at each intensity level. Different images may have different graphing. 

      3. Move the sliders for getting a good contrast
Now, drag the black point input slider and the white point input slider (the black triangle and white triangle located directly beneath the histogram) inward toward each other until you can have a bright and color contrast look of the image. After you adjust the sliders, the image will have more contrast. 

     4.  Adjust the Midtone
Hitherto, we have moved the two extreme left and right input sliders. We will now move the middle input slider (the gray triangle below the histogram) which adjusts the gamma, or contrast, of the midtone values. Drag the middle input slider to the left to lighten the image or to the right to darken the image. It changes the intensity values of the middle range of gray tones and gives a more contrastive brightness quite naturally. 

     5. Neutralize the color
Select the Set Gray Point Eyedropper tool in the Levels dialog box (the middle eyedropper). Then click an area in the image that should be gray. That area becomes neutralized in gray, and the color cast is removed. 

     6.Get the final image and enjoy
After making all the adjustments, click OK. Voila! You have got your image with color and tone retouch

Learn Where to Apply this Tutorial:
           Picture taken by a professional photographer does not necessarily mean his pictures are ready for publication or flawless.
·         Products and service can be best highlighted and presented through the image color and tone where needs correction or altering the color.

Who needs this service?
            This masking tutorial is not just for individual purpose. In the commercial field this process of is of great use.  Those web and prepress graphics company want to ease their workloads and spend their valuable time in other creativity can outsource this.
      Online retailers, digital photographers, digital artists, magazine and newspaper publishers, graphics designers, webmasters, advertizing agencies need this astronomically.

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